Minimum/Maximum Account Size

Recommended minimum account size is $10,000 USD. If you would like to trial our service for a few months with a lower account size please contact us to discuss options. There is no maximum account size.

How Long to Open Broker Account?

Typically only a few days and an extra few days to fund your brokers account. This also depends on how quick you can send the broker all the relevant identification requirements.

Broker Account Type

When opening an account at a broker, we suggest you open a Standard FX Account with 500:1 Leverage. Please ensure your broker does not reduce your leverage once your account grows in size. This is important and why we suggest certain brokers that reduce your margin leverage as your account grows. Contact us for preferred brokers and account types.

How long should i leave the funds in account for?

We suggest a minimum of 12 months to realize the full potential of compounding growth month on month however you are welcomed to take your funds out as you please. Partial or full at any stage.

How long before i can withdraw funds?

The brokerage account is your own. You can withdraw your own funds at any stage. We recommend minimum 6-8 weeks to allows the trading to work effectively and do not intervene in the strategy. Allow the strategy to go through its course.

What is Watermark Fee?

It is the commission charged for our trading services on the net equity increase of you account from the previous months equity level. All calculations are conducted at specific time on last trading day of each month. Commissions are only charged when equity increases.

How soon will i see trades?

Once you provide the trading account login and password, we will need 48hrs to setup in our processes to start executing the trades. Generally you will see your account buying and selling within 48hrs of supplying the login details.

What if im not sure or concerned at any stage of the trading service?

If at any stage you are not sure or concerned about anything with the trading, please contact your local representative you will liaise. If any matters are urgent, you will be contacted by our traders desk directly. Do not take any action prior to contacting us. 

What is Draw Down?

Like any trading there can be periods of equity draw downs. If trades have opened and they temporarily reduce your equity level, this is called a draw down. Its only temporary and not realized till its closed. Do not panic as all traders strategies have been structured to allow these draw downs and we will execute as per your instructions should any particular significant levels be reached. 

What should i expect throughout the month of trading?

The strategies have their own personalities however there are days which usually profits are realized in the later half of each week. Leading up to these days you may notice trades building positions which may temporarily give healthy draw downs. Typically Thursdays and Fridays most of the profits are realized from the trading strategies. Strategy dependent though.

How can we stay updated by the Trading Desk?

We will soon have a direct private encrypted Telegram channel to our trading desk for all clients to keep up to speed.  

Where are you based?

Our company formation is in Hong Kong. The team consists of Australian based strategists, traders and analysts alongside Russian algorithmic coding developers. We are building distributors of our services worldwide however services are orchestrated from within Australia.

I am from USA-Europe Etc

We accept all clients from any destination in the world. There are no restrictions except sanctioned countries. If brokers account opened is from Australian Broker, then no issues.