How It Works

1. Contact One Of Our Representatives


Contact our local representative and discuss your needs. You will be provided some advice and exlanations as to our contracted trading services

2. Sign Agreement


Once you have confirmed the trading strategy parameters and limitation you would like us to execute, sign and approve the agreements and commission structures 

3. FUND Your Acct


We do not hold your funds. You must open your own account at any broker of your choice however we have a short list of preferred brokers that we have done due diligence in ensuring your capital is safe.  Australian based brokerages are our preferred choice due to the high level of regulation within Australia. Please ask your local representative for brokerage suggestions.

4. Provide access to your acct


Once your brokerage account is opened, we will need access to trade the account as per your instructions. Your broker account has 2 logins, one for your profile to add/remove funds and a 2nd login/password for your trading account. We only need the trading account login and password. Access to trading account is only to allow opening and closing of trades and NEVER to access the funds. Funds are only accessible by the account holder via your profile login.

6. Await your monthly invoice


You can monitor your account via your brokerage platform. All accounts are billed at end of month based on the Watermark fee where services are only billed on the profits. All invoices MUST be paid within 7 days or our traders will stop trading your account. If at any stage the account goes into negative at end of month, there is no fee to be paid.

7. Share the success


We know you will be satisfied with our trading services. We rely on word of mouth to share the success and we will reward you for helping us grow our service. Discuss your options with our representative to see what we can offer.